How long will it take to get tax refund from Bangalore RTO. Will full tax amount will be refunded ?

Varun Varun
Answered on September 13,2019

Getting tax refund is a long process. It might take up to 1 year. You can check the status of road tax refund during this period by filing RTI.
Full tax amount will not be refunded. Assume that you have paid road tax as 100 in Karnataka at the time of registration and you have used it for 5 years there. As lifetime of a vehicle is 15 years, you will get extra tax paid for 10 years. So you will get 100*(10/15)= 66 or something in that range.
Also, please note that either the vehicle has to be mandatory registered in new state or the Old Registration has to be applied for cancellation, post which only the refund application will be accepted for payment of Pro Rata Tax Amount

John John
Answered on September 13,2019

Road Tax will be refunded on Pro rata basis of 15 yrs - basis registration date - till date of application for refund. For instance - if you applied for same after 5 yrs then approx 66% of original road tax paid will be refunded. The Pro Rata will be done based on Road Tax Amount. State Parking Fees, Smart Card registration fees is not refunded


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