How do I renew an income cum caste certificate in Karnataka (online and offline)?

Riyas Riyas
Answered on November 12,2019

Online Procedure

For online application, please follow the below steps to apply for income certificate online in Karnataka.

  • Go to Nadakacheri website and click on “Online Application” below in left side.

  • Then user will get Nadakacheri Login page, Enter Mobile number

  • Click on ‘HOME button to enter Nadakacheri home page.

  • Put the mouse over NEW REQUEST menu to see all services (Caste Certificates, Income Certificates, Residence/Domicile Certificates, Widow Certificates, Unemployment Certificate, OBC Certificates, Population Certificates). Click on the required service.

  • Choose Income certificate and then it will prompt whether you require certificate in English or Kannada.

  • Enter user details, all fields shown in Red are compulsory.

  • Select the mode of delivery,as NadaKacheri or Registered Post

  • And upload the required documents for the Income certificate. Red colour labels indicates compulsory fields and remaining fields are optional but need produce for easy and fast process of applications. And then click on ‘Save’ to save or ‘Cancel’ for cancelation.

  • Click on ‘Save’ button, then will generate ACK no, and user will receive same ACK no to his mobile.

  • Click ‘OK’ button, then Click on ‘Online Payment’ button to pay the application fees. Then will show the following message as below. Click ‘OK’ to proceed or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the payment.

  • In the bill payment page, choose the card payment: Cedit Cards, Internet Banking, Debit Cards, Select the Card Type, and click on ‘Make Payment’.

  • The application will be accepted only after successful online payment of application fees. After successful payment, ACK no. will appear in concerned Nadakacheri’s for further process of application. And final certificate will get in concerned Nadakacheri center.

Offline Procedure

You can visit any of the Nadakacheri Centre in Karnataka.

Nadakacheri Offices

Gautham Gautham
Answered on July 10,2020

You can check this video for applying for Income Certificate online in Karnataka. The procedure is similar for Caste Certificate as well

Venkat Venkat
Answered on January 13,2021

There is no option of renewal. You have to apply once again.