For Bangalore RTO, Is there a way to pay road tax online for other state vehicles? What documents do I need to furnish? Please note that I don't have NOC and I know that it is not required paying road tax.

Ravi Ravi
Answered on September 19,2019

Currently, road tax cannot be paid online. 

Road Tax Calculator can be used to calculate road tax in Bangalore.

Follow the below steps to pay road tax in Bangalore.

  • Find the correct RTO as per your residential zone. Bangalore is divided into multiple zones and every zone has dedicated RTO. So you have to find your nearest RTO.

  • Fill the FORM 14 (KMV- T14). This form is required for Life Time Tax (LTT) calculation. The Original Invoice and NOC should be accompanied with this.

  • Obtain the acceptance of the tax assessing officer and pay it in the cash counter.

  • If tax is less than INR 3000, payment can be made over the counter. If tax is more than INR 3000, a demand draft for the tax amount needs to be paid in favor of RTO.

Once you have paid the road tax in Bangalore, you can get a refund of road tax earlier paid in your home state. The Road Tax Calculator tool can be used to calculate the refund amount as well.

Note: NOC is not a requirement for paying road tax.


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