Can I pay land tax online in Kerala?

Yes. You can pay land tax online in Kerala.

For paying land tax online in Kerala, you need to have Thandaper. Thandaper is a computer-generated number.

To get Thandaper, visit the village office with the following documents.

  • Land Related Documents
  • Details about Last Year's paid land tax
  • Proof of Identity of Land Owner
  • Address and Phone number of Land Owner

Once the Village Officer uploads these documents to the network, the village officer will provide the following details.

  • Thandaper (Computer Generated Number)
  • Block Number
  • Survey Number
  • Sub Division Number

Once you get the Thandaper, then you can pay the land tax online as provided below.

  • Enter Thandapper Number, survey/ subdivision number
  • Details of Area, Thandapper holder and tax amount will be displayed
  • Enter the details about the previous year's land tax and receipt number
  • In the remarks column, enter the Pattaya number as well.
  • Click on submit.

Your request will be sent to the village office for approval. Once the village officer approves your request, you will receive a message on your mobile number.

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