Can I get passport within a week without applying for Tatkal passport ?

Sohan Sohan
Answered on August 30,2019

Yes, you can get passport within 2-3 days without applying as Tatkal.

You can get a passport within 2-3 working days of applying for it if an annexure document declaring that no criminal case is pending against him or her is attached, Kuthati added.

This e-annexure is available on the passport website and an applicant needs to download this and submit it along with the application. In addition to it, any three out of the 13 government documents listed on the website (like Election Commission card, pan card and Aadhaar card) needs to be submitted.

The passports will be issued and the police verification process would be done later in such instances. There is no need to apply via Tatkal and pay any additional fee for quicker processing if applicants use the e-annexure.
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