Can I change my name during B.Ed course ? Will I get my degree in new name from the university after submitting the required documents?

Raju Raju
Answered on October 11,2019

You can change your name anytime by following the below process.

  1. Create an affidavit for change of name: An affidavit needs to be made explaining why the name change is required.

  2. Publish about your name change in Newspaper: After Notarizing the affidavit, you need to publish the change of your name in two local newspapers.

  3. Notify it in State Gazette: Gazette Publication is mandatory for government employees and optional for others. However, if you need to update your name in various certificates and id cards, they might ask you for a copy of Gazette.

You can check this link for detailed procedure on how to change your name legally in India.

How to change your name legally in India ?

Once you got your name published in the Gazette, you can request the College/University to make the required amendments to it. In case the certificate contains your old name, you can either get it rectified from University or submit the certificate along with gazette for future purposes.