After police verification is cleared, RPO is not proceeding to print the passport and is asking for documents 8012 and 8155. Why?

Kabir Khan Kabir Khan, Practicing Company Secretary
Answered on July 20,2022

If you want to know the status of your passport application then the best way to file an RTI application by paying 10 rupees. 

RTI Online

In the Box SEARCH Public Authority please TYPE PASSPORT and select “MEA - Consular, Passport & Visa Division (CPV)”. 

Then just enter your personal details so the can contact you and type the APPLICATION No. in the text box.

NOTE :  Please remember that Drafting of RTI application is the most crucial part as your application would be forwarded to higher authorities so please choose your words correctly and try to ASK your queries in Point wise manner.

Also Please attach your passport appointment letter in pdf.